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VEVOR Fitness Training Sled Heavy High Training Sled Speed Training Sled for Athletic Exercise and Speed Improvement (K31)

VEVOR Fitness Training Sled Heavy High Training Sled Speed Training Sled for Athletic Exercise and Speed Improvement (K31)

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Brand Name: VEVOR

Type: Other

Origin: Mainland China

Product Description
Power Speed Sled for Running Football Fitness
The Power Speed Fitness Sled can build explosive speed and strength because it can resist your sprinting by forcing you to tow weight on the sled. Athletes and others can use it to work different muscles.
  • Premium Material
  • Large Weight Capacity
  • Push/Pull/Drag
  • Strength Training
  • Apply to Different Surfaces
Tough Equipment & Tools, Pay Less
VEVOR is a leading brand that specializes in equipment and tools. Along with thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing our customers with tough equipment & tools at incredibly low prices. Today, VEVOR's products are sold in more than 200 countries and regions with 10 million plus members worldwide.
Why Choose VEVOR?
  • Premium Tough Quality
  • Incredibly Low Prices
  • Fast & Secure Delivery
  • 30-Day Free Returns
  • 24/7 Attentive Service
Key Features
Durable and Sturdy
The drag sled is durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant thanks to its steel material; rest assured to use it for a long time. The black powder coat features an excellent grip.
Adjustable Weight
The exercise sled load capacity is adjustable; you can choose your desired weight by adding different weight plates—Max capacity: 500 lbs.
Multiple Exercise
The weight sled can be used for various exercises. You can use it for pushing, pulling, or dragging, so that you can exercise different muscles.
Hassle-Free Set Up
Installing the fitness sled is easy and flexible, so you can exercise at once after hooking the strap onto the sled. It is also simple to transport and store.
Strengthen Muscles and Speed
Weight sleds can exercise different muscles, such as increasing your running speed and strengthening your quadriceps.
Wide Applications
Drag sled plays a role in speed acceleration, speed, conditioning, and strength. It can also be used on different surfaces, such as grass, carpet, concrete.
  • Material: steel
  • Weight: 33.5 kg/74 lbs
  • Size: 61x102x102.5 cm/24x40x40.3 in
  • Length of 2 high poles: 96 cm/37.8 in
  • The diameter of 2 high poles: 5 cm/2 in
  • Length of 1 low pole: 38 cm/15 in
  • The diameter of 1 low pole: 4.8 cm/1.9 in
Package Content
  • 1 x Weight Sled
Features & Details
  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】- Made of premium steel with advanced static electricity spray, our weight sled is sturdy, anti-rust, waterproof, and simple to clean. Black powder coating provides a superior grip.
  • 【LARGE WEIGHT CAPACITY】- The maximum weight-bearing capacity of a fitness sled is 500 pounds and can be adjusted as needed. The weight plate holder is designed to accommodate standard and 2 in Olympic plates.
  • 【PUSH/PULL/DRAG】- The exercise sleds are suitable for anyone and professional sports training. They can be used to push, pull, and drag in various forms to increase muscle and quadriceps strength.
  • 【STRENGTH TRAINING】- The forward-facing drags of the weight sled are excellent for speed development, while backward-facing drags are a great way to build quadriceps strength. The push sled is versatile and can exercise different muscle groups.
  • 【APPLY TO DIFFERENT SURFACES】- You can use the sled fitness on grass, carpet, concrete, and all sports turf. Multiple exercises can be achieved with one sled. It is easy to disassemble for quick transport or storage.
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